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Helium Regulators

Model: CWN-82300
Air Force 4 InflatorThe Air Force 4 is a must have for on-the-job decorating. Unmatched for its speed and efficiency, the powerful motor and turbo air intakes enable fast, simultaneous inflation on four outlets.  The continual-air blower is designed to maintain a fixed temperature and not ..
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Model: CWN-84200
Conwin Duplicator 2 Digital Balloon InflatorThe Duplicator 2’s digital control panel lets you easily set and adjust the inflation cycle time in tenths of a second. Automatically inflate and size 5-inch to 36-inch latex balloons at the touch of a button or tap of the foot pedal.The built-in Auto-Fill..
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Model: CWN-84601
Dual Split-Second Sizer balloon inflatorUnmatched for Speed, Efficiency, and AccuracyThe Dual Split-Second Sizer is the most versatile inflator on the market. Great for arches, columns, bouquets, sculptures, canopies and more. Precisely adjust the inflation cycle time by tenths of a second for preci..
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Model: CWN-00023-3
Foot Pedal for Dual Size™, Duplicator 2™, Precision Air™, The Cube, and Air Force 4.The 5 prong foot pedal has been discontinued and will be replaced by the 3 prong foot pedal. The 3 prong foot pedal can be used in any machine that previously used the 5 prong pedal...
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Model: CWN-36320
Prevent Your Inflator Outlets from Clogging with Hi-Float! The Hi-Float™ Outlet enables you to inflate balloons filled with Hi-Float™ neck up when using a Dual Split-Second Sizer or Duplicator 2. This prevents Hi-Float™ from entering your inflator and clogging the outlets. The Hi-Float™ Outlet easil..
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Model: CWN-83601
Precision Air Inflator-V6 The Next Generation in Air Inflation!The Precision Air automatically sizes air-filled latex balloons without the use of heavy cylinders, noisy air compressors, or time- consuming templates. Great for columns, sculptures and other air-filled decor. Adjust the inflation ..
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Model: CWN-00005
Replacement Pressure Gauge Available for all Conwin inflators...
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The 10 Extension Hose Inflator COMBO Includes 4 outlets
Precision Plus™ HELIUM Inflator Soft-Touch Push Valve
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