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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, no. In order to provide the best and fastest service, we work with full automation and do not manage orders manually through different channels. Orders can only be placed online via our website or in our stores in Riyadh or Dammam (Novo Party)

All orders are shipped with SMSA or UPS  or Aramex and delivery depends on the time of payment and shipping of the order Shipping to your city within two to five days

Transfer to the bank account of the Al-Rajhi Winner Party or Al-Ahly or made or visa and Mastercard regarding online orders also you can pay using Tamara Installment 

contact us on our WhatsApp number 0534270923 or send email to cancel your account [email protected]

  • Same-day delivery (Riyadh only)
  • Shipping via SMSA (all cities in the Kingdom)
  • Shipping via Aramex  (all cities in the Kingdom)
  • for more

You must register on the site and choose the type of activity you have to be able to order and view prices

we have 2 stores

first one located in Riyadh as Suwaidi between exit 25 and 26 

second branch located in Dammam King Fahad Street Ibn Khladoun 

You cannot pay on delivery, the only way to pay is by bank account transfer
The product shall be replaced or returned within 3 days of issuing the invoice if it is in its original condition without damage or opening of the product
It is possible to modify and add products, but before shipping the order with the shipping company, communication is done via WhatsApp to modify or add to the order
Working hours from Saturday to Thursday from 3:30 pm to 11 pm
if you cant find the desired product, please contact customer service to get help
We are a buy-now-pay-later fintech with big dreams and the fierce ambition and drive to achieve them.
At Tamara, we work around the clock to design financial solutions that have your best interests in mind. Our ultimate goal is to give everyone the chance to shop without worrying about big payments, hidden fees or interest.
If you’re older than 18 years of age and are a legal citizen or resident of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, or Kuwait, then yes, you are!
1- Pay in-store
2- Select Tamara as your payment method
3- Share your mobile number with the store staff
4- Make your first payment via the payment link sent by SMS
All done! Track your payments via the app

Pay online
1- Select Tamara as your payment method
2- Log in or sign up with your mobile number
3- Verify your ID if it’s your first order with Tamara
4- Complete your first payment to make your first purchase and pay the rest over time!

There could be several reasons, including but not limited to the following:

1-Your card isn't activated or fit for e-commerce
2-You have prior commitments to your bank/telecommunications company and/or are flagged by 3-Simah/Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB)/Ci-Net.
4-You have unpaid bills from Tamara
5-Tamara's intricate risk system considers the value of your purchase too high.
6-The value of the items you're trying to buy exceeds the allowed limit.
If none of the above reasons apply to you, please try with a different card!

The store may have maximum or minimum purchase limits that prevent you from completing your order.

Tamara does not work when your cart contain gas cylinders 

Starting from 100 riyals to 2000 riyals only
-You will not be able to use the Tamara service if a discount coupon or a purchase coupon is used on the site
- The amount of the gas cylinder will be refunded if the request and payment was made through Tamara
- In the event that an amount is refunded due to unavailability or any other reason, the amount will be deducted from the value of the remaining installments according to the Tamara service provider system
- If the order is canceled, the full amount will be returned to your account, and if the amount is not deposited, contact Tamara Company

Frequently Asked Questions